The approach
The people make the atmosphere and what your company appears to be. The costumer’s involvement in the store depends on the “drive” of the people. There is always room for improvement. The atmosphere and appearance will gain if communication is improved, when everybody’s tasks and goals are evident and old habits are revised. This training creates a connection between team members and will give structure to the company. It also makes team members aware of their talents and passions, attitude and customer relation.
The training contains of four stages:
1. Teamscan - basis of trust
2. Teamdevelopment - consciousness attitude and behaviour, spirit
3. Teamdevelopment - commercial gain and creativity
4. QuarterBack - quarter of a year evaluation, guiding on team level

• better performance: commercial acting, friendly environment
• more turnover: 30% increase in “browsing costumers”
• better communication: open, constructive, authentic
• effective attitude: daring, sharing, feedback, conflict management
• team is strong, reliant and responsible for goals and atmosphere
• increased loyalty: to each other and company goals
Who’s involved?
Management team, sales team, store managers.
To Connect