The approach
A good loyalty programme starts with a clear strategic/tactical plan. Which products are in store, what services do you offer, and what experience are you giving? We will help to bridge a vision, via analysis of customer survey, towards a better customer relationship. The team will be given practical handles to improve the customer relation so they will leave the store with the “wow” factor.
Management via the loyalty process is the lever to success:
1. Relation loyalty figures with turnover and company goals
2. Where are the bottlenecks in the process
3. Loyalty figures are directing behaviour and rewards
4. Team training on loyalty

• clear strategy with focus on goals
• customers feel more noticed
• put emphasis on the teams’ good things and problems
• connect customer survey to the product range, more sales
• intensify team cooperation
• team members will coach each other
Who’s involved?
Store managers, department managers, and sales people.

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